We Know How to Serve:



Programs Evaluated and Managed



Systems & Application Modernized



AI Innovation Projects



Systems Secured

Data Collection

We are experts in the field of program evaluations and observational studies. We have a proven method for collecting data that is designed to optimize responses and make it reliable enough for rigorous research applications.

Program Evaluation

Survey & Literature Review

Large Scale Survey Design & Administration

Data Cleansing and Integration

Data Management and Modernization

We're not just building your next project. We are designing and optimizing key processes to lead you through program, portfolio, or even transformational change with our clients' needs at heart.

Project & Portfolio Management

Data Management

Digital Transformation

Adding AI to the Enterprise

Application Development

With AI and robots coming to life, it is now possible for companies of all sizes across industries to automate their data flow with ease.

Agile, Low Code, Modular

AI/ML & Web Application Development

Robotic Process Automation

Operations & Maintenance

Data Analytics

Enterprises are leveraging machine learning to make decisions. Data analytics provides agencies with the necessary information they need in order to produce solutions that enhance intelligence and equip decision-makers on missions abroad or at home.





Data Security and Governance

We take a holistic approach to cybersecurity. Our years of experience in configuring and hardening systems have allowed us not only to protect from external threats, but also to enhance risk management plans by using automation & analytics, allowing you to easily make data-driven decisions in real time.

Data Governance and Cyber Program Support

Data Protection and Compliance

Application Security and Privacy

Data Architecture and Cyber Operations

Emerging Tech

Data and artificial intelligence are transforming the way we live our lives. We stay on top of emerging trends so that your agency can succeed in this ever-changing marketplace.

Synthetic Data


Edge Computing



What Our Clients Say.

Overall, the quality of the work has been exceptional. Several contractors have been praised by Census Leads that AMDEX contractors were exceptional and very knowledgeable. Amdex has met and exceeded in this performance for the contract to be successful to date.

C.O.R - Census Bureau 6/2022

This project was characteristic of the very good work that Avar continues to provides to CMS. This is one example of why CMS selected the NCORC to receive the Wears Many Hats award at the 2021 Quality Conference.

C.O. - CMS 05/2021

AMDEX has provided exceptional quality in all areas that they support in Project Management that are outlined in the PWS.

C.O. - Census Bureau 12/2021

While the work required from AMDEX was complex, AMDEX was able to carry out all work with our having any rework... AMDEX provided multiple alternative solutions to access and archive the content in the tools so the federal agencies will continue to have access.

C.O. - HHS 06/2020

[AMDEX] has provided extremely qualified resources who provided exceptional value to the ITAC organization...the resources have been extremely proactive in coming up with new processes to implement, new ways to track schedule, and new ways to manage ITAC programs.

C.O. - NHBLI 06/2020

AMDEX Management Team (PM, Vice President, President) provide exceptional customer service and management of the contract. The PM does an awesome job at managing the TM & CORs expectations and informing the TM & COR of upcoming changes or challenges.

C.O.R. - Census Bureau 6/2022

I wanted to reach out to express my appreciation for the help Yodit has provided my team. She’s graciously given my folks some of her time to help them work through an issue .... Getting some of her insight and expertise was critical for us!

Chief Data Officer - DHS 02/2022

Your responsiveness on this has been outstanding!!

Chief, DCMD PMO - Census Bureau 08/2020

I think the reviews [Avar] does have a lot of value, and highlighting the findings for the program offices is really beneficial. I think adopting this going forward, until we can unify PRA (Paperwork Reduction Act) administration within DOL is a good hybrid approach.

Chief Data Officer - DOL 02/2022

AMDEX personnel and management has continued to provide exceptional support for the 2020 PM Support contract. They have been a great business partner in support of the Census Bureau's mission.

C.O.R. - Census Bureau 6/2022